Karnataka State Private Commercial Transport Workers Accident Benefit Scheme

Karnataka State Private Commercial Transport Workers Accident Benefit Scheme:-

Benefits under the scheme:- The benefits available to the beneficiaries under the scheme are as follows:

1. Accident benefit:- The Private Commercial Transport Workers such as drivers, conductors and cleaners are frequently meet with  accident. In case of death, permanent disablement or temporary disablement as a result of an accident, the family who are depending upon their earnings will face the financial crises.

        To provide help to the family members of the drivers in case of accident the Karnataka State Government has framed a scheme called “The Karnataka State Private Commercial Vehicle Drivers Accident Benefit Scheme” and during the year 2016-17, the same has been revised as “The Karnataka State Private Commercial Transport Workers Accident Benefit Scheme”, so as to extend the benefit to conductors and cleaners along with drivers.   

          Under this scheme, the drivers who are holding a valid driving licence issued by transport department to drive private commercial transport vehicles are deemed to be the beneficiaries. The conductors and cleaners have to register with the registering authorities under the scheme.

  • Applicability of the Scheme:
  • It extends to the whole of Karnataka;
  • This Scheme is applicable to private commercial vehicle drivers, cleaners & conductors.
  • Age limit is from 20 to 70 years.
  • Accident Benefit is available to both "On-duty and Off-duty" accidents.


  • Conditions :
  1. The drivers shall hold valid driving license issued by transport department. They need not register separately under the scheme.
  2. Action will be taken to register the conductors and cleaners under the scheme.


  • Accident Benefits:-
  1. Accident resulting in death of drivers, conductors and cleaners- an amount of Rs.5.00 lakh to the nominee;
  2. Accident resulting in permanent disablement – upto Rs.2.00 lakh to the beneficiary depending upon the ratio of disablement;
  3. Accident resulting in temporary disablement/reimbursement of hospital expenses; 
  1. For hospitalization upto 15 days, Rs.50,000/- or actual hospitalization charges whichever is  lower .
  2. For hospitalization more than 15 days, actual hospitalization expenses or Rs.100,000/- of sum insured whichever is lower.


2. Educational Assistance :-

  1. From the year 2018-19, Educational Assistance of Rs.10,000/- per annum is being sanctioned to maximum 2 children of the driver who succumbed to death due to accident or suffered total permanent disablement. This benefit will be given to study from 1st standard to 12th / PUC.
  2. For this benefit, the children of deceased driver / the driver who suffered total permanent disablement have to submit the prescribed application duly filled in, along with the documents to the concerned officers of the Labour Department and the same will be verified and the benefit will be transferred to the bank account of the beneficiary directly.

3. Smart Card:- To create awareness among the private commercial vehicle drivers, smart cards are being distributed under the scheme.

 4. Shrama Sammana & Special Award:-

To encourage safety driving, Shrama Sammana Prashasti will be awarded to the selected best & safe drivers on the occasion of “Karmika Sammana Day” to be held on 01st of March every year.

 5. Life Saviour’s (Good Samaritan) Scheme:-

In road accident cases, India stands 6th place in the world. 60 minutes after the occurrence of the accident is a golden period. In the said period, if suitable treatment has been given, every year lakhs of life’s can be protected. Though there is intention to protect the victim of accident, lack of knowledge about first aid treatment and fear of wondering to police station and court, leads to hesitation among the eye witness.

             If the accident victim is provide with urgent humanitarian help by providing first aid treatment and admitting to nearest hospital, his life can be saved by which the family of such person can be saved from the fear of losing the earning member which leads to financial crises. In the circumstances, to encourage to provide first aid treatment, admit to nearest hospital and report to the concerned police station, the Government of Karnataka has introduced a programme called Accident Life Saviour Programme during the year 2016-17 and the same will be implemented through the Karnataka State Unorganised Workers Social Security Board with the co-operation of transport department, health & family welfare department, home department and other departments.

Incentive : 

Provisions are made to pay an incentive of Rs. 1000/- to the Good Samaritan, who saves the life of accident victim by providing first aid and successfully shifting him/her.

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